Cheat the Test - How People Get Away  

Getting a job means a lot to many, even those who like to from time to time get high. Failing a drug test can be fatal at job seeking. How to get away from drug test? Many different ways have been used, but do they really work?.
  1. External adulteration of urine sample
    1) dilute urine with water
        A few can get away by diluting urine with water. This is based on the fact that the diluted sample still looks like urine, but the drug concentration can be below the detectable level. If you have very high concentration of drugs in your system, even diluted urine may have high drug concentration.
    Don't count on this method. According to
    Government Accountability Office (GAO), 58% urine collectors secure their water source add blue pill in their toilet. Also 58% sites ask you to empty your pockets. You may be frustrated in the bathroom and scream you have never been so thirsty, but you won't get water until you get the jar of urine that contains your little secret in it.
    80% collection sites place a temperature strip on the cup. There is little chance diluted urine will be within the normal temperature range. The technician may look at the little black strip and then look at you with a smile that says he/she already knows you are not clean.
    A small half sites also use adulteration tester, such as pH, specific gravity, and creatinine measurement. All these are sensitive to water dilution.
    2) substitute urine with water, salt water, clean urine, or commercial synthetic urine.
    Substitution with water/salt water usually want work. Clean urine or good synthetic urine meets all requirement in terms of ingredients. Only temperature may be a problem. Some cheaters hide balloons  of such liquids inside their body cavities. This is perhaps the hardest-to-detect adulteration for the temperature will be as well correct.
    3) add adulterant substances in urine sample
    There are bleach, acids, oxidants, etc that disturb the drug test reaction, but few of them really work well. Most of these will make the test invalid rather than producing a clean /negative result. Therefore, the employer may order a new test with higher security.
  2. Internal DeTox
    1) intake large quantity of fluid
    Works for low positive drugs. It works better for some drugs and have little effect on some others.
    2) DeTox substances
    May enhance excretion of drugs in the system, but not guaranteed to get a negative drug test result.
  3. Dieting
    Do not take any drugs for two weeks will get the majority urine test results clean. If you can hold for two weeks, you may just quit. Staying clean isn't a bad thing after all.